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Name: Sam Rivers
Occupation: Bass Guitar
Age: 23 (NOT officail)
Status: Married
Born In: Jacksonville ,FL
Sam was fresh out of High School and an employee at Burger King at a mall in Jacksonville. He was friends with Fred and Sam called in his cousin, John Otto, the drummer of Limp Bizkit, to help out and play in the newly formed band. He likes Megadeth and Grunge music. On December 1st 1999 Sam was married to Roxie McMahon (Daughter of WWF owner)in Greenwich, CT on the McMahon estate, and for their honeymoon Lucas of the WWF said they went around the world. The on Code Red Lucas said they have 1 child that's 2 years old and his name is Gaige. As well as Roxie is currently pregnant(Currently being Dec 1999, if i don't update) with her second child.

Sam Rivers and wife Roxie McMahon
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