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Name: Wesley Borland
Occupation: Guitar's
Born: Feb. 7th 1975
Status: Married
Born In: Richmond, VA
Wes was born in Richmond ,VA but later moved to Charlotte, NC. At the age of 3 he then moved to New Haven, CT. From 8 to 15 years old, he grew up in Nashville, TN. Wes really wanted to play drums but his parents would'nt buy him a drumset so at the age of 12 was when he started playing guitar,Infinox and JKG, was a Telecaster copy with two humbuckers that he earned with lawn-mowing money,and a tiny Gorilla amp with 3 knobs, which was bought at a pawn shop. He finally ended up moving to Jacksonville Flordia....reason for all the moving.... because his father was a Minister and moved church to church.His mother was a First Grade Teacher. He started playing guitar at his father's church for Sunday morning service's. He took a few years of Jazz Lessons but later quit. For some reason he was highly influenced by the Miami Vice Soundtrack, and also influenced highly by Tool, and other bands such as Ministry,David Bowie, Megadeath,and Ice Cube. Alot of people know him for dressing up on stage, when asked why he paints his face when he goes on stage he said "My parent's took my lego's away when I was a child and I've never been the same." Wes was once actually kicked out of Limp Bizkit by Fred because of his A.D.D. ["Yeah Wes is the kinda guy that always has to be doing something, and I'll be like "Hey Wes, go take apart my VCR" and he'll be like "OK!!" and starts taking it apart" -Fred] But the lonely 4 Bizkit's relized how much they needed Wes so Fred called him up and begged him to re-join the band.On April 10th, 1998, Wes was married to Heather Mc Millan, for their honeymoon Wes took her amusement parks across America.
Wes Borland and wife Heather Mc Millan

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